Happy Dogs Training Center

Happy Dogs Training Center opened in February 2019 to provide a place where individuals passionate about dog training can train in a “trial-like” setting on their own schedule. Happy Dogs offers 6,000 sq. feet of climate controlled space including two 40 x 50 rings plus plenty of warm-up area and crating space. Other amenities include a kitchenette, a 55″ television for viewing training and trial videos or to gather around and watch the big events and tournaments as a group.


Have your training plans ever been spoiled by weather? You’ve packed up the car, loaded the dogs and driven to the park only to have the sky open up and rain on your plans. Does the heat of summer and the cool, wet days of winter often interfere with your best intentions. Do you like to train in the morning or do you need to train after school, work or on the weekend? Is Thursday your only day off? Is the time you have for training limited by the responsibilities of work and family?

This is where Happy Dogs fits into your training plan. Happy Dogs offers a unique program where members can train on their own schedule. Similar to a gym, Happy Dogs offers an annual membership that provides members with keyed access to the building 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so they have a place to train on their own schedule.


Instructors frequently remind their students that, to be successful, they need to train in lots of different places. Equally important, they need to “train like they trial” so their dogs will be prepared to trial just like they’ve been trained.

Dog trainers are skilled at finding different places to train. You’ll find them in parks, parking lots, shopping plazas, near playgrounds and grocery stores, behind the church or library. It’s truly amazing what they can accomplish in their kitchens or garage! This satisfies the need to train in different places but finding a place to “train like you trial” is often a challenge.

Eventually you will be asking your dog to perform at his best in a formal obedience ring. This is where Happy Dogs fills another gap in your training plan. At Happy Dogs you will find a “train like you trial” setting every time you come to train.


Happy Dogs helps you manage your time and stick to a schedule so you can focus on the skills you need to master to be successful. There’s no need to spend your time setting up gating and pulling out jumps. At Happy Dogs you will always find two full-sized (40′ x 50′) rings set up to simulate what you will see at an obedience trial. Our rings will be set up with gating, stanchions, 5-foot jumps, a chair for articles, and a table, leash holder and easel at the ring entry.

If Rally is your sport, you’ll find a full rally set up and sample course sheets at ringside.

And, because no two rings ever look the same, the rings will be modified on a regular basis.


  • For more information about the benefits of becoming a member, click on the “Training Center” page.


  • Not sure you are ready to become a member? Happy Dogs offers training packages and drop-in rates for nonmembers. Nonmembers can train during scheduled “Run-thrus,” “Drop-in Training  or may come as the guest of a Happy Dogs member.

Annual Membership:  $675

Train at Happy Dogs and join a community of people that are passionate about training and competing with their dogs.  Be part of a community that not only trains together but also celebrate achievements and solves problems together.