Seminars & Workshops

What's happening at Happy Dogs?

Matthew Twitty - Healing Your Healing & Teaching the Open and Utility Exercises

Dates:  August 5th & 6th 2023 with private lessons on Monday, August 7th

On Saturday, Matt will go through the layers that lead to great heeling – “Attention, Precision, Animation and Teamwork.” He will work with participants on attention, position, focal point, mechanics, handling, engagement, attitude, proofing and trust – and some heeling tricks!

Sunday will be all about his step-by-step approach for teaching each piece of the Open and Utility exercises. He will break the exercises down so that the novice dog can begin learning the advanced exercises and advanced dogs can solve problems and fill holes in their foundation.

Matt’s techniques are all about developing teamwork and a happy, motivated obedience dog.

Alex Robinson - The 3Cs Workshop - Connection, Confidence & Commitment

Dates: October 21st & 22nd

Jeannie Dennard and Lou Ann McGahey are excited to announce that Alex Robinson will be coming to Happy Dogs Training Center to present his 3Cs Workshop!

We are not accepting registrations for this workshop yet.

Donna Brocht - Planning Your Training Sessions

Date:  Coming in the Fall of 2023
Time:  9:00 AM – 1:00 PM

Cost:  $50