Welcome to the Happy Dogs Fitness Center!

Our dogs are pets. They settle at our feet during the evening and share our beds at night. But, during the day, our dogs become athletes, in the backyard chasing down squirrels, on the agility field, the obedience ring, in the field herding and retrieving or flying off a dock landing belly down in a pool of water in pursuit of a bumper.

These activities require strength, conditioning and flexibility. We can prepare our dogs to participate in these activities, minimize the risk of injuries and give them a competitive edge by participating in a regular conditioning program.


Happy Dogs offers private Fitness Coaching for up to two dog/handler teams. Contact Lou Ann at INFO@HappyDogsTC.com for more information or to schedule a coaching session.


If you completed a “Canine Fitness Class,” attended a fitness seminar, or are working with a Happy Dogs Fitness Coach, you may come to Happy Dogs’ “Drop-in Gym.” Open Gym days/times are shown on the Happy Dogs calendar. Groups of five or more may schedule gym time.

Contact us with your questions about the “Drop-in Gym” or “Fitness Coaching: