We had a couple of busy days at Happy Dogs this past weekend. Thanks to an incredible group of people, everything went off smoothly and according to plan. Together, we raised $800 to help pay the veterinary bills for a very brave Labrador, Judge. Although I’d heard parts of his story, it was nice to hear it told by the person that loves him the most. He truly is a miracle dog.

A few statistics about our Run-Thrus:

Saturday:  Obedience

  • 38 Handlers
  • 48 Dogs
  • 83 Run-Thrus

Sunday:  Rally

  • 18 Handlers
  • 21 Dogs
  • 58 Run-Thrus

Thank you to our Happy Dog members and friends for stepping in to make the run-thrus look and feel like a real trial. The one thing I never have to worry about at Happy Dogs is having enough volunteers! You are all amazing.

For everyone competing in Greenville this weekend, good luck and remember to appreciate the dog at the end of your leash.

The Greenville Kennel Club will be hosting conformation, junior handler and obedience run-thrus at Happy Dogs on November 1st.

Happy Dogs first “Train Like You Trial Run-Thrus” and Fund Raiser