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Train Like You Trial - Our Rings Are Ready!

Fill the gaps in your training plan!

Happy Dogs offers individuals passionate about dog training with a place where they can train in a “trial-like” setting on their own schedule. It is the only Competition Obedience facility in South Carolina with a membership program.

The Happy Dogs facility consists of 6,000 sq. feet of climate-controlled space with two full-sized rings. There is a generous warm-up area, space for crating and a full kitchen. Both rings are equipped with a full set of obedience jumps. There are also two sets of Rally signs available. For the serious trainer, there is a 55″ television for viewing training and trial videos or to gather around and watch the big events and tournaments as a group.

Not sure you are ready to become a member? No problem. There are training options for nonmembers too.

The Rings Are Always Ready at Happy Dogs Training Center

Happy Dogs Member Benefits

Happy Dogs members enjoy the ability to train on their own schedule because they receive keyed access to the building. Training can be scheduled at convenient times on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

A membership includes one family member living in the same household. Family members enjoy the benefits of a full member. Members may bring guests to train with them – for just a drop-in fee.

There is a six-month seasonal membership for part-time residents that includes the benefits of a full member.

Members receive first notice of Happy Dogs workshops, seminars and events so they can secure a spot early.

Special training for big events like the NOC, RNC or the AKC Classic is organized to help members prepare to compete.

Memberships may be purchased any time during the year.

Membership Fees:

Full Membership:  $675/year
Seasonal Membership:  $475 (6 months)

Nonmember Training Options

Nonmembers may register for an Obedience or Rally Class, sign up for monthly Run-Thrus, drop-in for Rally on Thursdays and Sundays and take private lessons from one of our experienced Happy Dogs instructors.

Anyone can register for workshops and events at the same cost as a member. Nonmembers may also train with a Happy Dogs member with payment of a drop-in fee.

There are Training Packages of 10 and 15 sessions available at reduced prices. Training Packages do not expire.

Drop-in Fees:

1   Training Session:  $20
10 Training Sessions:  $180
15 Training Sessions:  $225