Train Like You Trial” run-thrus provide an opportunity for you to find out if your dog is ready to compete by giving them a trial-like experience in a ring . For the experienced dog, it’s the perfect way to surprise them by using a “Fix-n-Go’ without having to leave the ring.

At Happy Dogs, we do not hurry you in and out of the ring while your dog practices making mistakes. We give you plenty of time to work through your most persistent trial problems – those persistent errors that seem to only happen in the ring.

Happy Dogs has two full-sized working rings so your dog will be able to practice while another dog is heeling, jumping, and retrieving in the next ring. There will be people sitting in chairs and dogs in crates around the perimeter of the rings and dog/handler teams warming up and waiting in line just like at a trial.


If you are interested in preparing your dog to compete in Rally, join us on Wednesdays and Sundays from 11:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. for Rally drop-in training. We set-up nested courses in both rings and invite participants to work their dogs through the courses as informally or as formally as they like. Want someone to hold a clipboard and act like a judge? Need some distractions or just have a question? Ask one of the Happy Dogs volunteers for help.

Happy Dogs has two full-sized working rings so your dog will experience performing in an atmosphere filled with sights and sounds similar to a real trial. Happy Dogs is the only training facility in the area that offers this unique training opportunity.

OPEN (10 Minutes)April 9th
UTILITY ( 12 Minutes)June 18th
*Participants may use their time as they desire.July 9th
Advance Registration Required
Run-Thru Fee; $8.00 (plus $3.00 online convenience fee for online payments)
Participants will be assigned to a ring, and provided with a “judging” schedule.