Private Lessons

There are so many different ways to learn!

Private Competition Obedience Lessons

There are many ways to learn – in-person classes, on-line classes, webinars and podcasts. You can find a video on anything you want to learn simply by typing a query into your browser or asking Siri for help.

But there are times when you need an extra set of eyes, a new idea, someone to help solve a persistent problem or teach you a new skill. Sometimes you just need someone that understands and has the experience and skills to help you. Private Lessons provide you with all of these things.

Our private competition obedience lessons are taught by instructors that have experience training, teaching and competing with their dogs at all levels from beginners through all the competition obedience classes. We are fortunate to have this variety of accomplished trainers available for you to choose from.

Our instruction is limited to competition obedience and Rally. We do not offer pet training classes or lessons at this time.

Private Lesson Packages

You may purchase a single lesson or a package of lessons with a Happy Dogs instructor.

Lesson packages include:

  • 4 one-hour lessons,
  • A written lesson plan including goals and desired outcomes,
  • Updates and instructions after each lesson.

Our instructors are available between lessons to answer your questions.