Happy Dogs Training Center will offer open ring time for obedience and rally – let’s call this “Buddy Training.”

How it works – days and times for Buddy Training will be posted on the Training & Event calendar. Members and nonmembers may come and train together.

Buddy Training is similar to being in class except there is not an instructor. It is a time for you to practice what you are learning in class. Buddy Training is perfect for proofing and teaching your dog how to work in the presence of other dogs and distractions. Train with friends and help each other by calling heeling patterns, taking turns being the “judge,” scenting articles, working together on problems or calling fronts, finishes and pivots.


“Train Like You Trial” run-thrus provide an opportunity to find out if your dog is ready to compete by giving them a trial-like experience in a ring with a “judge.” For the experienced dog, it’s the perfect way to surprise him in the ring!

Participants will be assigned to a ring, given an arm band number and “judging” schedule similar to what get when you enter a trial.  For Rally run-thrus, course maps will be posted.

Participants must fill out a drop-in form and acknowledge that their dogs are current on all vaccinations, including Bordetella.

Watch the “Training & Event” calendar for Drop-in Training, Run-thrus and other events.